Conscious Christmas: London’s sustainable shopping map for 2021

Waste and overconsumption is rife during the festive period, with Brits throwing away £26m of waste every year 1. However this Christmas, many are taking steps to celebrate a little more consciously. A brand new study of over 2,000 UK shoppers reveals two thirds (67%) are considering shopping sustainably this Christmas and over half (59%) think supporting independent retailers is an important consideration when buying gifts this year.

Need some inspiration for where to shop? The leading printing company, ICON Printing has curated the ultimate conscious Christmas guide to London shopping. The carefully crafted shopping map features 50 destinations including independent retailers and businesses with strong environmentally friendly and socially sustainable credentials. Whether you are looking for some unique homeware, homemade dog treats or even plant-based beauty products- whoever you are shopping for, you can be sure to find a gift from one of these stores.

ICON Printing spoke to Esther Knight, the founder of Fanfare, an award-winning, circular fashion label transforming the way people buy, wear and discard clothing to discuss the importance of shopping small and sustainably this year.

Esther said: “Although this year has undeniably been tough for both individuals and businesses there is hope that out of crisis, we can make new beginnings. Staying at home has strengthened peoples ties with the local community and there is a strong shift towards supporting small business this Christmas, especially as so many small businesses have been started in the wake of furlough and redundancies. Having been deprived of many cultural experiences, whether that be shopping, visiting galleries and going to the theatre and events, the value of creativity and skill has been brought into focus as vitally important and a unique human trait that technology cannot replace.

On sustainability she adds: “It should be the norm for businesses to have responsible operations. Everything we do has an impact and it is important that businesses try and make this a positive impact where possible.

“Transparency will be an important theme for the industry both in terms of sustainability and wider cultural values. In an era of misinformation consumers are demanding companies to be authentic and truthful in their mission.

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