Central London Crowned the Greenest City in the UK

Central London came out as the greenest UK city scoring 36 out of 60. The borough ranked highly on the number of parks, gardens, and playgrounds.

Birmingham and Leeds came in second and third positions, respectively. Both cities scored highly on the number of nature and wildlife areas.

The results show that the larger the population, the more green space there is available.

Each of the UK’s four nations was represented in the top six, with LondonBirmingham, and Leeds taking first, second and third positions. Cardiff coming fourth, Glasgow taking fifth spot and Belfast taking sixth.

The new Green Cities Index study by apartment rental brand Essential Living has revealed which UK and European cities and London Boroughs are leading the way when it comes to green space for residents to enjoy.

Each city and borough within the study was awarded points based on elements such as air quality, pollution, quality of life, life expectancy, and green spaces.

A weighting system was then applied to the scores to calculate just how much green space there is in the immediate area to give the final ranking out of 60.

From parks and gardens to pollution rankings there are so many factors that make a city green. But you might be surprised at the cities topping the list for each of the categories.

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