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A global conflict like no other: remembering peace in Europe

The day the Second World War ended in Europe was one of unbridled celebration in Britain. But have you forgotten what you learned at school about the war? Former primary school teacher Becky Cranham of PlanBee Teaching Resources refreshes your memory and provides some simple

The Role of the London Mayor- Who, What, and Why?

One of the newest, but well-respected, positions in the UK political system, the Mayor of London, is now over two decades old, but many people who don’t live in the nation’s capital are unlikely to know the importance of the role, or what the Mayor does

Luisa Porritt: BBC must empty chair the Mayor

Lib Dem candidate for Mayor of London, Luisa Porritt, has called on the BBC to ’empty chair’ Sadiq Khan, and any other withdrawn candidate, following confirmation he has pulled out of BBC Politics London’s scheduled Mayoral debate. This Sunday, a four-way Mayoral debate was due

Rail travel vouchers extended for passengers

Rail passengers with unused travel vouchers have been given extra time to redeem them to ensure they are not left out of pocket from COVID related restrictions. Thousands of passengers with Rail Travel Vouchers which have expired or are due to expire between 20 October