Call Centre Services from the Philippines – A High- Growth Industry

Call centre services from the Philippines play an important part for many companies in today’s world. The very survival and success of a company depends on these services because customers need to be happy and served with efficiency and a high degree of professionalism.

When customers are not happy, they go elsewhere. Call centre services from the Philippines help keep customers satisfied, happy, and loyal. Loyal customers are the bread and butter of every company.

The Philippines realised this twenty years ago when call centre companies started popping up and offering their services to companies around the world. English speaking countries were the first to start outsourcing their services. Today, the UK is the third largest market for call centre services from the Philippines.

At the turn of the century, the business processes outsourcing (BPO) industry did not yet exist in any kind of meaningful way. There were ten startup sized companies in 2002. These companies paved the way for more than 990 call centres that would crop up over the seventeen-year interim. These companies offer their services to the world.

The Philippines have based their BPO industry on quality and efficiency, which has launched them into their position as the world’s leading provider of call centre services outsourcing and a major hub within the BPO industry. The UK has become the third largest user of call centre services from the Philippines in the world because of the quality and efficiency being provided.

Contact centres are the largest and most important subsection of the Philippine BPO industry. Today, there are more than 1,000 contact centres operating in the country. The majority of these companies are small to mid-sized outsourcing providers, but there are startups being created as well as large companies who have proved their staying power.

Piton-Global is an award-winning call centre service provider in Manila’s metropolitan area. The company is an excellent example of a mid-sized company providing exemplary work to UK-based companies.

The industry is comprised of small but mighty companies working in tandem with companies around the world to provide customers with an exceptional experience leading to higher satisfaction rates. The BPO industry has grown exponentially over the last twenty years becoming a multi-billion dollar economy for the island nation in Southeast Asia.

The relationship between Australia and the Philippines should not be a surprise. There is a great deal of cultural and linguistic overlap as well as geographic relativity in comparison to the rest of the world.

Australia is an English speaking nation, and the Philippines has founded its BPO industry on providing services to English speaking companies. The UK has become an important buyer within the industry. Call centre services from the Philippines is relied upon by many UK-based enterprises.

It is a testament to the successful relationship between the two countries and economies.

Companies utilise these outsourcing providers for a variety of reasons. A major aspect is the language and cultural overlap.

There is a significant cost differential for companies. The quality and efficiency of the service have increased. Customers and companies are happy when the cost goes down and the quality and productivity increases.

Contact centre services are not just limited to picking up the phone. Companies look to the call centre services from the Philippines to fill a variety of needs.

Customer service is a major priority for every company. Keeping customers happy means creating and maintaining loyal customers. Answering phones, dealing with complaints, finding solutions, and helping with problems is a huge task, and it is one well taken care of by Philippine BPOs. As technology continues to be incorporated into daily life and evolves, technical support is becoming more necessary for a larger number of people. Contact centres are able to help with this heavy load of customer service, acquisition and retention tasks.

The UK and the Philippines have forged a strong and lucrative relationship. Call centre services are continuing to be in high demand, and the Philippines are happy to provide these.

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