BOB PENN on Amber Rudd’s departure and Asda/Sainsbury merger

by Bob Penn || Columnist

So Asda and Sainsbury are in advanced talks. Who will benefit? we will have to wait and see. They will both apparently save money, and also reduce prices, by not closing any stores or laying off any staff !!

Wonderful, why don’t the Tories and Labour merge?? Think of all the time and money wasted while they play Party politics. Which brings us to Amber Rudd.

Okay, she had to go. She “inadvertently misled”. So either she lied or was not properly prepared.  Even Shadow Home Secretaries find it hard to recall everything. Remember last year when in an LBC interview, Diane Abbott couldn’t recall her parties policy re extra Police costs? Not properly prepared (or incompetant ?)

Anyway, Labour has it’s first scalp, and can now go after Teresa May a bit more (got to get Jeremy and Anti – Semetism off the front pages) Better start brushing up on your facts and figures Diane.

On the subject of mergers, I had another Charity plastic collection bag delivered today. I must average a different charity every week. How many old clothes do they think I have?

Now don’t get me wrong. Charity is a truly great concept and ideal. I personally have a soft spot for Great Ormond Street, GOSH as it’s called. Childrens charity, what could be better. But how many childrens charities do we need?

We have NSPCC, Save the Children, The Childrens Society, Action for Children plus internationally Oxfam, Christian Aid,Water Aid etc. And it’s Water Aid that really started me thinking. Our bodies are apparently 60% water. Brain and heart 73% whilst the lungs are 83%. 83% !!!

So wouldn’t you think that the emphasis on looking after children should be on getting them clean water before anything else? Sure they need food, sure they need clothes and warmth and protection, immunisation, education etc. But if they die for the want of water, whats the point of warm clothes? Charities are a tremendous concept, Why do we need so many? They all have costs, the big ones have staff to pay, Directors and CEOs offices to upkeep (rent, heat/light) advertisers to pay. Even some have to pay for lawyers to keep the press off their backs because one or two senior staff overstep the mark with their own staff, or the people their supposedly helping. Back to Asda and Sainsbury.

If they can come together, why can’t some of the Charities. Or would that mean someone, somewhere, would have to get their snout out of the trough?

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