Bigle Legal, the pioneering Spanish tech company boosts the document automation sector by opening London office

Bigle Legal chooses London as a new destination to boost the document automation sector in the European market. Its main objective is to lead the Northern European market to bring its solution to companies that need to take the step towards the digitisation of legal operations in a mature and growing market.

Mr. Jorge Postigo Imaz, Head of the Industrial and Services Department of the Spanish Embassy in London, welcomed Sergio Esteve de Miguel, co-founder of Bigle Legal and spokesperson for the company in the UK. At the meeting, which was attended by members of the Spanish Economic and Commercial Office in London, they discussed the basis for future collaboration between the office and the tech company.

The London office, which has already opened in the city center, will help the company to enter the UK market as the only automation platform that covers the entire document lifecycle. Bigle Legal’s web-based tool also integrates digital signature and virtual negotiation of contracts in real time, while improving safety and minimizing risk of legal contingencies.

The technology company, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, has clients such as Cuatrecasas, Santalucía Insurance, and Aigües de Barcelona, the company that provides water to the city of Barcelona.

Cost efficiency is a key indicator for businesses, due to today’s competitive environment. Document automation brings significant cost savings through reduced document maintenance, which can be easily checked and measured through robust reporting.

A bet on a growing market

More and more sectors are joining the digitalisation wave in the UK, implementing document automation and security solutions for their legal operations. By 2020, this market had a volume of 800 million pounds, with a multitude of sectors involved. One of the biggest players in the market is public administration, which is a key source of revenue for many operators in the sector.

Due to the sensitive nature of many documents produced in government departments, specialised secure storage is often required to ensure the protection of confidential information. Public administrations’ spending is expected to increase in 2021-22, which presents an opportunity for the sector.

However, it should be noted that it is not only the public industry that is susceptible to implementing this type of solution, other sectors represent an equally interesting market share.

To conclude, Sergio Esteve de Miguel, co-founder of Bigle Legal, says that the aim of this opening in London is to expand the market and to be the leading platform in the UK: “We have an outstanding team and a product that unifies all document automation solutions, so we will go in to compete for the top.”

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