Ayr United use contorversial bodypaint shoot to announce new sponsorship

Ayr United are having a season to remember and now look forward to a new
branding and a new season with the Premier League now a genuine target.

As the current season draws to a close and with the play-offs for the Premier League very much in their sights their it is an exciting time at the club.

New sponsor, Bitcoin SV, are planning to help The Honest Men in the final push for the Holy Grail of Premier league football either via the play-offs over the coming week or next season.

CoinGeek.com is the backer behind the deal but the club shirt will be physically
branded as Bitcoin SV, the original Bitcoin and the only coin with a blockchain that
scales now to allow for thousands of transactions per second.

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As with last year, the new strip is body painted on male and female professional models Charis Lister and Mikael Angesjo, who are also paid in Bitcoin SV.

BSV (and Ayr United) supporter, founder and owner of CoinGeek.com, Calvin Ayre
commented: “There is an education underway explaining to both the media and everyday folk that BSV is, in fact, the original Bitcoin. People have heard of Bitcoin but don’t yet understand that BSV is the only blockchain following Bitcoin’s original design. For retailers of all levels and consumers, BSV allows fast global payments with low transaction fees. And we are educating big businesses that BSV’s
blockchain will massively scale to be the world’s data ledger, and enterprises can run their applications on top of this exciting technology backbone. Sponsoring Ayr is a part of this education process but more importantly, as they say in Ayrshire; ‘mon The Honest Men!”

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