Art exhibition SHUTTERS arrives at Camden Open Air Gallery

This is the first indoor shutter exhibition of its kind in the UK, if not in the world. It features the works from 25 of London’s most respected graffiti writers. The show illustrates the history of UK graffiti culture in a new and innovative way.

Curated collaboratively by COAG and Camdemonium (PiC, Xander, Ollie Sylvester and Faum 72). This show includes a major and important presentation of 25 masterpieces on reconditioned shutters that reflect the individual graffiti writers unique and important artistic journey.

Some of the artists in this show are the forefathers of the UK graffiti culture that emerged in the 80’s. The pedigree of this line up was amongst the most influential in creating the metropolitan style seen across London, (which emphasised getting up quick and using bright rounded colours), featuring PiC, Fuel, Doze & Prime, all members of WRH (We Rock Hard), partners with King Robbo who had an infamous battle with Banksy, through to current kings of London graffiti such as, 10 Foot, who can be seen on railway bridges and buildings across the world.

The show aims to shine a light on graffiti as an art form, support the culture and educate people of an art form that has become a truly global community.

The exhibition considers the role of how the spray-paint strokes and graffiti techniques present the art form in a diverse and accessible way to the public. The show evolves the creation of spray paint from its origins to an era of expressive art.

The first of its kind, ‘Shutters’ celebrates art in a way that you have not experienced before.

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