Almost half of the nation confess to only drinking one glass of water a day – new study reveals

The Met Office has issued the UK’s first ever extreme heat warning. As temperatures soar this week, the warning aims to highlight the potential disruption and adverse health affects that can happen in the searing weather. Hydrating in these times is especially important, as dangerous levels of dehydration can creep up on us.

Hydration experts Air Up have been questioning the nation on their relationship with hydration and unveiled some worrying answers. Almost half (45%) of the nation confess to only drinking one glass of water a day, with 30% saying they find it boring so don’t drink it often, and only 29% reporting they are trying to drink more water (albeit to no success).

Key stats:

45% (23,152,000) of Brits drink around one glass of water a day
30% (15,701,000) of Brits find water boring so they don’t often drink it
29% (14,814,000) of Brits have tried, without success, to drink more water
37% (16,093,000) are trying to reduce their sugar intake but are struggling to do so due to the alternatives available to them
42% (21,297,000) drink low to zero calorie sugary drinks in an attempt to reduce their sugar intake
36% (17,319,000) agree that in the absence of sugar, they are not entirely sure what is in no added sugar drinks to maintain their sweetness

Providing Brits with a fun, tasty way to drink plain tap water, Air Up is a new refillable water bottle with a twist. Did you know 80% of flavour comes from our sense of smell, instead of taste? Air Up harnesses this clever bit of science, infusing every sip of water from your bottle with flavoured air, offering Brits the sensation and taste of drinking sweet, flavoured drinks while still drinking 100% pure water.

Each pod contains natural flavourings and scents that infuse with ambient air to be added to the pure water. These flavours range from Lime and Orange-Passionfruit to Cola and Iced Coffee with ten others in between, improving our sense of health and wellness without sacrificing flavour, truly disrupting the soft drinks sector and British consumption patterns ahead of this health revolution.

Lena Jüngst – co-founder of Air Up comments:

“Air Up is a new and fascinating way to taste. What I love most about our product, as a designer, is that it shows that a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle can still be fun and appealing. For me that is a very promising sign for our future, and something that we have worked hard to achieve. Air Up is the world’s first drinking bottle that flavours water only by scent with the help of retronasal smelling. Compared to other drinks with flavour, we do not put any ingredients into the water, but only add small fragrance bubbles that are not absorbed by the body. So the water remains water – just with flavour. This is not only good for your health, but also a much more sustainable alternative. As far as we know, no one has ever used retronasal smell like we do, to create flavour. We are a true “world’s first” and that’s pretty rare nowadays.”

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