Achieve A Glowing Summer Tan With ICONIC London

There is no denying that a sun kissed glow makes everyone feel fresher, radiant and healthier. The safest way to achieve a natural looking bronzed look is by staying in the shade and using fake tan.

ICONIC London have launched the ultimate product ‘Prep-Set-Tan’ to give a golden glowing tan. Prep-Set-Tan is infused with the most premium tanning agents and hyaluronic acid to give a nourished and health looking tan which lasts longer without drying your skin or catching on ankles, wrists and elbows.

With two glistening shades to choose from, Original and Glow, Prep-Set-Glow is suitable for all skin tones. Unique to ICONIC London, the tanning spray adds and immediate shimmer to the skin.

Alongside Prep-Set-Tan, ICONIC London have launched their Tan & Buff Brush – the only tanning tool you need. Use together with Prep-Set-Tan for a fake tan that’ll leave you glowing and golden – with no hassle, mess or false tan faux pas. The super fluffy, dome-shaped brush is the secret behind achieving a seriously ICONIC fake tan. Great for fake tan novices and glow-getting babes alike, it ensures a perfect, streak-free, buffed and blended application with no mess, no fuss – just gorgeously golden skin.

ICONIC London’s Prep-Set-Tan (£24.00) is available at

ICONIC London’s Tan & Buff Brush (£20.00) is available at

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