A Brief Overview About Energy Site Meters


Due to the high energy costs, businesses need to ensure that the appropriate energy meter has been put in their establishments. The energy consumed by your company is measured by energy meters, and some of these meters will also send measurements back to your provider. This can ensure that your energy bills are correct and are not dependent on guesses, so you will only be paying for the amount of energy your company consumes.

To avoid incurring additional fees, you need to understand how commercial energy meters work especially multi-site energy meters. This article will walk you through commercial energy meters and how they are being utilized in businesses.

Identifying the Type of Meter 

Before anything else, you should determine what kind of meter you have. The kind of company you run and the primary hours that it is open will determine the kind of energy meter best suited for your company. A few common types of meters include:

  • Single-rate meters: The single-rate meter is the most common kind of meter since it only charges a single, consistent rate for electrical power consumption throughout the day, regardless of the time. Because of this, it is a suitable choice for establishments that are open and working from Monday to Friday. 
  • Two-rate meters: These apply two different prices to the same service depending on the time of day it is used. This kind of meter is typically best suited for usage in commercial establishments like restaurants, which make heavy use of their power supplies in the evenings and on the weekends. 
  • Three-rate meters: When you use a meter that has three rates, you will be charged one of three different prices depending on the time of day. Since there will be a day rate, an evening and weekend rate combined, and a night rate, this type of meter is frequently referred to as an evening, weekend, and night meter. 
  • Multi-site meters: If you manage a business spread out across more than one location, investing in multi site energy meters can assist you in monitoring the total amount of energy consumed by all of your establishments. This allows you to consolidate all energy tariffs into a single package with a single provider, making it simpler to administer.

Identifying A Faulty Meter

Examine your meter if you notice that your utility bills are significantly higher than usual. Don’t make assumptions. Electric meters are machines in the same vein as any other. They are susceptible to developing mechanical problems. Investigate to discover whether there is a component that is damaged. Notify the business that provides your utility services so that they can perform an inspection.

Some errors include:

  • Digital error
  • No movement
  • No electricity
  • Old electric meter

Advantages of Multi-Site Meters

It’s quite likely that a multi-site meter will be of great use to you if you run a larger company with several configurations spread out throughout many locations or multiple occupancy buildings. The top benefits of a multi-site meter are:

  • Greater management over multiple sites
  • Better management for single large sites
  • Lower chances of errors
  • Cost-saving plans

These meters perform automatic meter readings once every half an hour and transmit the data to the provider. A larger company’s ability to manage its energy use can be improved.


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