6 Places To Find City Maps on Holiday

If you have ever travelled anywhere, either domestically or internationally, particularly to a city you have never been to, if at all, you will know how crucial it can be to have a map. 

While you may know that in most stations or convenience stores you will be able to find  a road map, do you know how to find a good quality city map? 

While a City like London has maps on almost every road corner, in other less-travelled places, maps may not be so accessible.  

Let’s look at some of the best ways to find city maps.


It’s likely that you are already ahead of us on the first suggestion, but the one place you should look before anywhere else for good quality city maps is online. 

There are various sites out there where you can simply put in the name of a city or destination and you can find out a lot of information about it, including where the popular tourist attractions and points of interest are, as well as places to eat, drink and have fun. 

These printable maps are practical if you are only travelling at short notice and have not been able to buy more detailed maps.This was how a few of our friends managed to get around on their Florida holidays which they hadn’t prepared very well for! This option can be a last minute lifesaver.


Once you arrive at your chosen destination, the hotel you are staying at, or other accommodation, may have a city map you can look at. Depending on the establishment, you may find that you get one as a courtesy in your room or that you need to consult with the front desk.

Travel and Tourism Office

The Travel and Tourism Office for a particular city is a great resource for city maps. You can often find them online or even contact them by phone or email. As well as detailed and updated city maps, they will also be able to provide lots of information and helpful brochures.

Car Rental Office

When you rent a car when taking a trip, you will often be able to get city maps through the rental company. Speak to them before you arrive so you have a chance to look at it before you get there or once you are there and collect your vehicle.

In the City

Depending on the city you are travelling to, of course, you may be able to find city maps in just about any shop or establishment. This is especially true in tourist-heavy cities like London, Paris and New York. 

Local travel agent

Last but by no means least, local travel agents are a great resource for obtaining city maps. You will find a selection of different maps to choose from depending on your destination and what type of travelling you are doing. 

Even if they don’t physically have a particular map in their possession, they will normally know where you can go to get one. 

In short, get yourself a map!

If, like the vast majority of travellers, you like to plan out most of your trip in advance, so you know exactly where you are going and how you are getting there, city maps are indispensable. 

That is why you should make sure your list of the essentials you need for your trip should include a city map for every different place you are visiting. This way, you can enjoy getting “lost” on your travels in the best possible way – figuratively, rather than literally! 

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