5 Side Gigs You Could Try This Summer For A Little Extra Cash

Many people over the past few years have been turning to side gigs to generate extra spending money. There has been even more uptake in side hustles thanks to the spare time and financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re looking for ways to make some extra money this summer, then here are some of the best side gigs to consider.

Dog Walking

Dog walking is a great way to connect with animals and nature, get some extra exercise and get paid for it! Many people got a pet puppy while working from home over the past year, meaning there is a growing demand for dog walkers across the UK.

You could consider starting by offering your services to friends and family and asking them to recommend you to others. You can also sign up with apps to connect you with dog owners in need of walkers. It is vital that you’re comfortable with animals for this job and physically strong and healthy enough to keep bigger dogs on the lead. You may also need insurance in case of any accidents.


If you have a university degree or demonstrable knowledge in certain subjects, you could consider becoming a tutor to students studying their SATS, GCSEs or A-Levels. Given the concerns about the pandemic’s impact on students’ studies, there is likely to be a significant demand for tutors in the coming months.

You could also consider tutoring non-native English speakers who are trying to improve their fluency.

Use Your Existing Skills

If you have a skilled job already, then you could consider offering your services freelance, provided that you are allowed to do so. In many cases, you’ll simply not be allowed to use your company’s property and branded items, but will still be allowed to use your skills to make a little extra cash.

That does mean that you’ll need to get all of the items that you need. For example, if you’re an electrician, then check out the electric components from Enrgtech.co.uk. They offer everything you’ll need to complete projects on the side and earn extra money by using your skills in your spare time.


If you have the right skill set, you may be able to start freelancing to generate some extra money. There is always demand for freelance writers, proofreaders, graphic designers and more. You should consider building a portfolio to show to prospective clients and ask for references and reviews to help you generate more business. There are also plenty of online forums, websites and apps dedicated to bringing freelancers and clients together.


Blogging can be a great way to let you show your creativity and earn some extra cash while doing it. However, it can take some time before you start making money, and you will need to establish your blog. It may help to start with a free blog hosting website like WordPress and pre-write a number of blog posts so that you can post content regularly.

Once you have established your blog, you could make money by accepting sponsored posts and affiliate links or hosting adverts on your blog site.


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